• Semi chibi & original character artist •
• ID/ENG ok •

Hello! I'm Jelly, a self-taught digital artist from Indonesia. My drawing style is mainly in semi chibi and a bit of stylized illustration, i like to work with warm toned colors and sunset themed illustration.The illustrations bellow is my personal work that I've done of my original characters.

Style A : Soft brush

Bust up$1555k

Style B : Bold/flat pen

Bust up$1050k

❓ Frequently Asked Question❓


Extra chara+50%+50%Within the same frame
Detailed chara or extra item$3-??15k-?? 
Commercial use2-5x2-5xDepends on usage

Style A/B: Colored Sketch

  • Half the price of the original base rate

  • Available for style A/B and background

  • Jpeg file only, no transparent PNG


  • 3000x3000px (1:1, square)

  • 3000x4000px (3:4, portrait)

  • 4000x3000px (4:3, landscape)

  • 350dpi

  • You can request the size to fit your need

Do & Don't

Real peopleFurry (humanoid ok)
OCNfsw/Gore (slight ok)
vtuberhate topics



Terms of Service

  • I have the rights to decline if i feel uncomfortable with your request

  • I will draw in my own style that I've provided

  • I'll start working after the payment is sent

  • No cancellation/refund after the payment is sent

  • IDR pricing is for Indonesian locals only, international will use USD

  • Max 2x revision, additional fee if more than that. If i make noticeable mistake on the sketch or final piece, let me know

  • I can't work in a rush. It could take est 4-7 days or more for the commission piece to be done, depending on the complexity and queue

  • Final drawing will be sent as JPEG or PNG file via Google Drive

  • I have the right to put it on my social media or add it as samples. Let me know if you don't want me to post it

  • You're allowed to use the commission piece for personal only, it's optional to credit me when you want to post the drawing to your social media

  • Do not claim the commission art as your own drawing

  • Do not sell / trace / copy my art

  • Using my art as NFT or reference to AI is strictly prohibited

  • Additional fee for commercial use

How to order

contact me via Instagram / Twitter / Discord / Email. In your message, please copy and fill in the form :Commission Order : (your name / social media handle)

  • Type : (style A / B, headshot / waist up / full body)

  • Character :

  • Pose / expression :

  • Background :

  • Note :

I only accept colored images or your own drawing as reference and a short description of the character for better understanding

By sending me a commission request means you have agreed to my Terms of Service

Commission result

Style A

Style B

Commission Status

June commission status

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Waiting list

Please send me a dm if you would like to be in the waiting list

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‼️ note ‼️

i will work on the commission based on queue. As stated in my ToS, the commission piece could take est 4-7 days or more to be done, depending on the complexity and queue